Expensive Mega-Mansions That Are Nearly Worthless! Tabs, Fri., April 16, 2021

Expensive Mega-Mansions That Are Nearly Worthless! Tabs, Fri., April 16, 2021
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Hands up don't shoot: Adam Toledo, 13, Chicago. (Buzzfeed)

And while we're at Buzzfeed, the ridiculous man who testified George Floyd was killed by car exhaust also claimed a young man who was sat on to death by police died instead of heart attack and "bipolar disorder." — Buzzfeed

"No hesitation" police shooting practice targets of pregnant women and little kids, from 2013. (Reason)

Derek Chauvin's defense: fucking pathetic. (Slate)

Where are the good apples?

The Charlottesville Nazis aren't fringe anymore. They've United the Right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — Noah Smith, Noahpinion

And speaking of Charlottesville Nazis: On Tucker Carlson et al. flooding the zone with shit. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Pete Buttigieg said highways are racist haw haw haw can you even believe that? Well, Politifact can! And it's not even "mostly true," it's just true! (Politifact)

Just FYI this Wisconsin schoolteachers' lesson on "how would you discipline slaves who were disrespectful" was about HAMMURABI STYLE slaves, not like American slaves, so it's ALL FINE! Just makin' history come alive! — NBC News

Ignore the snooty (if well-meaning) framing and headline that seems to pooh-pooh permanent individual housing for roofless people as not good enough, this is a nice look at what some architects are doing with tiny houses and shipping containers in LA. (Not sure why she's an architecture writer if she didn't know shipping containers can be nice, but whatever it's fine, good story.) — LA Times

Actually, the SCANDALOUS OH NO failure of Solyndra was part of a government green tech loan package that ended up profiting US taxpayers $2 billion, not counting the part where it was good for the planet. And that is a thing I just learned from Politico, so thank you Politico!

How are we Holocausting anti-vaxxers today? I think you mean how AREN'T WE! COVID-19 vaccine opponents invoke the Holocaust, dismaying hate speech experts. (Orange County Register)

Please don't steal the literary prize money! — LitHub

Top 50 Tuscan villas for rent? I think we all need some. (Rent Villas)

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

Keep Wonkette in Italian villas, no I'm not kidding do I look funny to you.

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