'Express' Accidentally Prints Unedited Richard Cohen Column

Ok, so we had Richard Pombo listed as a Democrat for about 45 minutes today. That's nothing. Here's an item (courtesy FishbowlDC) from page 21 of today's Washington Express:

"PITHY HEADLINE: Missouri, known as own as the Show Me State, is cracking dow the Show Me State, is cracking down on. Gov. Bob Holden on Thursday signed ri, known as the Show State, is on. Gov. sexuall mile of 40-45WORDS. (AP)"

The piece was illustrated with a picture of Jackie Chan.

Blogs may never match the trustworthiness and reliability of sourced and edited real journalism, but apparently they're trying to match us drink for drink.

Cocktails in Arlington Last Night? [FishbowlDC]


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