'Express' Presents 'Free Ride:' Because Blogs Are So Hot Right Now

freeride.jpgWelcome, Express, to the oversaturated Washington general-interest metro blog scene! We'd normally give any print publication's new blog venture a reflexive "half-assed and doomed to failure" review, but this one, called Free Ride, comes with a pretty good pedigree in the form of Michael Grass, former DCist editor and guy-who-already-knows-how-to-blog. DCist is understandably quiet about it, and while we don't really care that much about stuff like prospective Columbia Pike trolleys (we like mass transit, we just don't want to read about it), Grass has already given more coverage to the short-lived live action Super Mario Brothers syndicated kids show (starring Captain Lou Albano) than any of his competitors, so we think it's gonna go far.

Sorry about that navel-gazing blog shit. Let's get back to hookers and indictments.

Confidential to Washington Post Company: Why not put Grass in charge of wapo.com? He can't do any worse than the jokers you got now.

Free Ride [Express]


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