Extended Laughter Directed at Ron Paul

paultardcentral1.jpgThe Paultards were in some kinda spambot tizzy late last week over Fox News not inviting Ron Paul to its Jan. 6 New Hampshire forum -- just as "John Swallow" had predicted. This snubbing was confirmed over the weekend, and sweet Paultardenburg, do we owe Fox News a rare hat tip! It's so funny because Ron Paul is polling like 4th or 5th in New Hampshire (he might even beat 9/11!) and should by all means have been invited. But he wasn't! hahahahhahahahaha! God that's good. I think I'll maybe have another laugh at that: hahahahhhaaaaahhhahhahahahaha! GO RON hahhaa PAUL hahahahahah 2008! [Ron Paul 2008]


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