Ezra Cornell Was a Hero to Most...

Hey, have we talked about Cynthia McKinney yet today? Lest you think we're unduly obsessed with her, we'd like to point out that the Cornell Daily Sun has printed not one but fourpiecesbitchingabout her.

What's the matter, whiny rich white kids? You can't take a little cold, hard reality from your visiting professors? You don't like it when they drop some truth? Frankly, when we read this:

McKinney listed several of her influences, including President John F. Kennedy, 1960s freedom fighters and corporate whistle-blowers -- "the average, ordinary people." McKinney also named the late slain rapper, Tupac Shakur, as an "ordinary person who [did] extraordinary things."

The floor was then turned over to questions from the audience, although Kramnick appeared to ask the first one himself when he stated, "I guess you can start by explaining who Tupac is."

we thought a) wtf Cornell, where have you been for the last 20 years and b) we would've killed for a Tupac-quoting, cop-punching professor in college. So suck it up, guys.

McKinney: "It's Time For Us to Change [DailySun]


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