Ezra Klein's Awesome New Website Vox Hires Awesome New Gay Writer Who Doesn't Actually Like Gays


We're feeling like Ezra Klein's exciting new media venture is just an elaborate trolling of the internet. First there was the terrible launch video and the tone deaf post explaining how you're too dumb to understand the news. Now we've got gay-hating gay dude Brandon Ambrosino coming aboard, presumably to fill the gay slot. Heh.

No, really, do you know about this dude Ambrosino? He is, as your mother would probably say, a piece of work.

Time magazine gave him space to call gays the real bigots for piling on Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, who had equated homosexuality with bestiality and said gays weren't going to heaven (still, Ambrosino says he wouldn't mind going fishing with the guy). At The Atlantic, Ambrosino threw his hat in the ring for the founder of his alma mater, who blamed September 11 on gays and accused them of trying to "recruit" children; Ambrosino says liberals like Bill Maher have slandered the Moral Majority founder and says, in Falwell's defense, that the guy with the "big fat smile" probably wouldn't have had him stoned to death if he'd known about Ambrosino's sexuality.



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