F-Bombs, Irish Car Bombs

  • Heard on the Hill: Sen. Robert Byrd bites back... Rep. AndrĂ© Carson gets sworn in with Jefferson's Constitution... Rep. Kendrick Meek is a Cigar Aficionado... Chivalry is alive in the form of Rep. Tom Cole... Rep. Peter DeFazio is dropping F-bombs on the elevator... Hillary Clinton is hugging every superdelegate she can find. [Roll Call]
  • Reliable Source: Russel Crowe rocks Shamrock Fest... Dee Dee Myers thinks Hillary isn't the only woman who should rule the world. [WP]
  • Yeas and Nays: Bob Schieffer is leaving TV for the band. [Examiner]
  • Shenanigans: Tom Harkin can pour the perfect the pint... Sen. Mary Landrieu is keeping Senate tourists to a minimum (and making sure they're a minimum disturbance). [Politico]
  • Rush & Molloy: Eliot Spitzer scandal gets Diane Sawyer her special. [NYDN]
  • Washington Whispers: Michael Chertoff has his own acronym... Could there be a McCain/Rice ticket?... Bill Clinton can't make a pick. [USN&WR]

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