F9/11: Who Knew?

No one could have predicted how well Fahrenheit 9/11 would do this weekend. No one, not even our coked-out step-blog, Defamer, who recounts the box office take thusly:

We admit it: We were wrong, we were wrong, we were wrong. But what do we know? We're still driving around in a 1983 Jetta with a Mondale/Ferraro bumper sticker.

1. Fahrenheit 9/11 -- $21.8 million

Despite playing on only 868 screens, Fahrenheit 9/11 won its opening weekend and probably has already set the all-time box office record for a documentary (not including concert films, IMAX movies, and films featuring skanked-out hotel heiresses being doggy-styled in night-vision). We're not exactly sure what any of this means, but we suspect that Michael Moore is now America's Emperor For Life. Moore immediately begins work on his next documentary, "Dick Cheney Gobbles Satan's Cock...And Swallows His Infernal Load."

Well, we heard it was about Michael Eisner, but whatever.

Monday Morning Box Office: Michael Moore Is Our New Master [Defamer]


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