Fabulous Oregon Christian Students Show Their Disdain For Homosexuals Through Medium Of Fashion


Another day, another Whiny Christian Kids Wear Anti-Gay Shirts To School story. Seriously, we're going to come up with a way to just insert the name of the school and the date so we can automate this stuff. This week, it's Oregon City High School, where some big baby just couldn't stand the fact that there was a day -- A WHOLE DAY, PEOPLE -- about the gays, so he had to make some crappy t-shirts about it.

“I just made it say ‘Gay Day is not OK,’ because I don’t believe that it’s OK,” Oregon City High School student Alex Borho told KPTV.

Borho and some of his friends wore the shirts to school during the National Day of Silence on April 11. The event is intended to bring attention to bullying and harassment targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.

Man, with rhetorical skills like that, this kid is going to make a great third-rate evangelical preacher one day.

Young Mr. Borho was not content, of course, to just explain that he thinks being gay is wrong and can't help but shout about it. No, he had to go and deploy the whole "I have no problem with gay people, except for all the problems I have with gay people" device.

"I don't have a big problem with gay people. It's just when they start parading around the school about how we have a day of silence for gays, lesbians and transvestites," Borho said. "We don't have a straight day."

Borho said he doesn't like the message associated with the day, intended to draw attention to bullying of gay students.

Actually, dude, when you are mad that people even get to BE SILENT about being gay and you are pissed that people want to point out that gay students get bullied, that is pretty much the textbook definition of having a problem with the gays! Weird, huh?

The school made the kids turn the shirts inside out, which is actually not a thing we agree with, because this is indeed one of those instances where the only cure for dumb speech is more speech. Let the little Christian kids who probably annoy everyone by praying for them ostentatiously around the flagpole or in the cafeteria have their shitty homemade shirts, because if you don't the ACLU has to come in and yell at you about how free speech works and the annoying Christian kids get another opportunity to bask in the glow of their unwarranted self-righteousness. These kids are a dying breed and if there's enough gayness at their school, Mommy and Daddy will probably just homeschool them anyway, so let it go.

[Raw Story/KPTV]


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