Facebook Wins the Internet, Will Now Colonize Internet

Facebook Wins the Internet, Will Now Colonize Internet

Do you feel a little moresocial this morning? No? Well then, come closer to the computer. A little closer. There. You're with your real friends now, on the Internet. And Facebook, this planet's Number One place to visit your friends, is expanding to basically every other website. Sure, your Wonkette and so many other websites have long had a little "Share" thingy at the bottom of a post, where you could click the clicky and sign onto all kinds of Web share-buddy things. But soon, maybe even within hours, EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET will have a blue Facebook "Like" button, probably right next to that damned Twitter button.

It was weird enough when debating whether to "Like" that picture of your ex's hot new boyfriend or girlfriend -- now you can queasily wonder if your feelings about Mitt Romney (Do Not Like At All, Ever) or Bristol Palin (Like w/ Responsible Birth Control) need to be nakedly visible to your Facebook frenemies. [ZDNet/NYT/SFGate]


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