Fahrenheit 911 Lbs.

Bush_likes_bearsWe're totally looking forward to Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," because, really, the mainstream media coverage of the presidency doesn't quite pander to our preconceptions enough. We hear the film is very controversial. In fact, we hear that it's controversial from Michael Moore, who tweaked this aspect of his film's appeal in an ad that ran in last weekend's NYT. At first, we thought it was clever: Bush! Gay! Ha! (Not original, but hilarious.) Then we took a closer look. . . What's controversial here isn't the affair with the president (which we assume is of recent vintage) -- it's Michael Moore's miracle weight loss! Lookit! Compared to that picture from Cannes (on the left)? He's lost half a Michael!


So now, by "controversy," we are of course referring to how he lost all that weight. Pills? Stomach stapling? Voodoo? Because we know he must have lost it. It's not like Michael Moore would ever manipulate an image to make a political point or anything.

Bush's Big Secret [Wonkette]


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