Failed Experiment Noted

 - WonketteEarlier this week we asked you to do something constructive with your time at the office -- namely, submitting a lot of semi-crazy questions to the Washington Post for its online chat with staff writer Bob Woodward.

Either you didn't bother, due to being lazy/dumb, or your submissions didn't get past the cold dead eyes of the Post's Web editors. Nothing crazy at all. No weird queries about Woodward and Nora Ephron's "table tennis dates," no cleverly misquoted passages from "State of Denial," no nothing. In fact, there was exactly one question that revealed even some basic human intelligence:

Newport Coast, Calif.: Does the title of your new book refer to your state of mind in your previous two books on the Bush presidency or the current state of mind of the Bush administration?
Everybody gets an "F."

Live Discussions: State of Denial [Washington Post]

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