Fake Being Smart For Not A Lot of Cash This Weekend
  • Tonight through Sunday, June 14: None of Tom Stoppard's plays actually make sense unless you have PhD in something very random and esoteric, but his latest show, Rock and Roll, just got extended until the middle of June, so it must be pretty good. The play is about Rock and Roll, but for the tricky "what-the-fuck element," he throws in Czechoslovakians, Brits, Communism, bunnies and some Britney. Maybe. Tickets start at $45. [The Studio Theater]

  • Tonight through Sunday, May 31: Step Up 2 is a fine movie, and if it holds a special place in your heart, you should check out Step Afrika at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. The DC-based dance troupe is highly regarded and well known for their spectacular performances. [Atlas Performing Arts Center]
  • Saturday, May 30 through Sunday, June 14: If pretending that you love musical theater is what you have to do to score a date and/or make your mother love you, check out the Washington Savoyards' new show, Gilbert and Sullivan's Law and Order Special Opera Unit. (Yes, the title is that awful.) The show is a compilation of the best of Gilbert and Sullivan, so it's perfect if you want to convince someone that you are in fact an elite musical theater lover and you don't want to pay to take them to see more than one show. [Atlas Performing Arts Center]
  • Monday, June 1 through Saturday, June 6: Of all the film festivals to come to the District, the EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival 2009, featuring films about octogenarians and fetishes, could be the most interesting of them all. Especially because of that fact that it redefines the globe. The US is now magically part of EuroAsia, as the festival prominently features films from Europe, Asia AND the US, which makes no sense at all. Catch the excitement for free at various locations thought DC. Just be sure to RSVP. [EuroAsia Shorts]
  • Monday June, 1 through through Sunday, June 28: Everyone is getting laid off these days, so why not see a play about the office idiot who gets promoted to be the next CEO? Your job may be in peril, but you can still afford to see Fever/Dream at the Woolly Mammoth -- the first two shows are "pay-what-you-can" performances. [Woolly Mammoth Theater]

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