Fake-Boobed Dingbat Homophobe Carrie Prejean Lands Book Deal!


As Sarah Palin proved to a disgusted nation, you don't need to know how to write or evenread to get a book deal in End Times America. All you need to be is a disgraced former beauty contestant who hates the same fruits and coloreds as Red State America, where illiteracy is no barrier to buying, say, a Glenn Beck book at the Wal-Mart. What do you call a dumb bigot with big hair, high heels and a few pounds of makeup? How about America's Next Top Author?

Carrie Prejean delighted Americans last year or whenever, because Perez Hilton made her say she simply does NOT care for the homosexuals doing the things white people do, such as have weddings. Then, of course, Miss Christianity was found to be a typical soft-porn Internet model, as most Christian teen-age girls turn out to be, if they're not too obese, which rules it out for about 96% of them. Then she got fired, by Donald Trump or California, we do not remember, and now she's got a book deal with esteemed wingnut publisher Regnery, which really needed a less used-up-looking Ann Coulter type to move units at CostCo.

Uh, let's see, Prejean's collection of ghost-written AM radio talking points will be called, sure, Still Standing. Because America's gay mafia hoped to cut off her legs and feed them to rats, but actually nobody wanted to do that at all, because who cares, right? So, there's the title. Pre-order now at World Net Daily or Human Events, we bet!

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