Fake News Under Attack

On the one hand, everyone hates healthy children. On the other hand, everyone loves the news media. Thus, the Bush Administration decided its best shot at curbing childhood obesity was to make covert skinny-kid propaganda and pass it off as local news. Earlier this week, though, the New York Times exposed the charade and charged that it didn't end there. Other clever lies the government's been dispensing? Wetlands preservation: birds love it! After-school tutoring: better than crack and petty vandalism. Safe and sober holiday driving: culturally accepted. Improved food and water distribution in Iraq: another big win for the War on Diplomacy...

So if you've been wondering why you suddenly cleaned up your act after years of mowing down Christmas carolers while drunkenly toasting the early onset of Type 2 diabetes in nine-year-olds who can't see their own feet, well, now you know the answer: Government brain-control. Or at least that was the plan. In the real world, everyone hates the news media. So, with typical acumen, the Bush Administration actually chose the worst possible way to get its message out. Now Barbara Boxer wants to make things right, though. If she gets her way, all GOPaganda will have to carry "a disclaimer which continuously runs throughout the presentation which says "Paid for by the United States government." And from there the Bush Administration will finally adopt the spin it should have been pushing from the start: Here it is, straight and unfiltered, the news the liberal media doesn't want you to see.

Under Bush, A New Age of Prepackaged News [NY Times]

Senator Boxer Set to Introduce Amendment [Raw Story]


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