Fake White House Controversy Causes Fake Furor!

A scene in last night's "The West Wing" has spurred a minor blogasm, as, well, it mentioned bloggers. And there is nothing worth blogging about more. The episode's summary in TV Guide already promised the Platonic ideal of angsty liberal pseudo-scandal: "Josh crashes into a hybrid vechicle while test-driving an SUV," but, apparently, that plot line was not desperately trend-mongering enough. So there was also something about a blogger posting quotes from "Josh" (?) intended to be "off-the-record" (?), prompting another character to say, "Well, she's not a journalist." Because apparently there is some confusion on this point. Hope it's settled now.

Clearly, this incident not based on Wonkette, despite our fond desire to exist in a fantasy universe. We are only dimly acquainted with using a phone (it's like a Blackberry, right?) and barely know how to type, much less type and talk on the phone at the same time. We'd spill bourbon everywhere. The scene does raise an important question though, one we can see debating for at least, what, another hour or so: Do people really still watch "The West Wing?"

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