Family Dysfunction Makes For Touching Theater


Saturday, January 16: The really good old movie To Kill a Mockingbird, which won some Oscars and other fun awards for how well it talks about race, rape and other touching subjects, will be screened Saturday at noon at the National Archives as part of their "Civil Rights History" film and discussion series. [National Archives]

  • Saturday, January 16 through Sunday, February 7: The play Stick Fly has awkward silences, black people at Martha's Vineyard, family dysfunction, bugs and a great moral that we won't reveal. Oh, and it's also hilarious. [Arena Stage]
  • Saturday, January 16 through Saturday, February 20: Ever wondered what it's like to be INSIDE a snow globe? That is, so long as no one flips you upside down and shakes you violently? Well, two DC artists transformed the Transformer Gallery into a winter-like snow globe and the opening reception features a live ballet performance because ... why not? [Transformer Gallery]
  • Sunday, January 17: One year ago, our savior, President Obama, was sworn into office. Editorial and political cartoonists have spent the majority of the past year making fun of him/presenting thoughtful analysis of his presidency through cartoons. The restaurant Hudson is hosting an exhibit of said cartoons this Sunday at 7PM. [Obama's Portfolio]
  • Opening Wednesday, January 20: Do you have friends/siblings that are much, much more successful than you are or will ever be? If yes, you will love the Four of Us, the newest play at Theater J. Pay-what-you-can nights are January 20 and 21. [Theater J]

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