Famous 1972 Democrat Loser George McGovern Throws Hillary Under The Bus

What happened to the magic?Tragic liberal presidential candidate George McGovern lost horribly to Richard Nixon in 1972 and then became an Elder Statesman and endorsed Hillary Clinton like all the other Elder Statesmen in 2007. But now it is 2008, so it is time for Hillary to go under the bus along with Tom Eagleton. George McGovern officially hearts Barack Obama, the McGovern of the 21st Century!

Today the former senator from South Dakota announced he had switched his support from Clinton to Obama, saying, "She has run a valiant campaign. And she will remain an influential voice in the American future," but now it is time for her to slink off to her Scranton shooting range and let Barry get clobbered by John McCain.

McGovern's announcement makes no material difference in the delegate count, since he is not a superdelegate or any other kind of delegate. But still, most insiders agree that this is STONE COLD.

Oh also here is a real howler from this AP story: McGovern "said he had a call in to former President Clinton to tell him of the decision, adding that he remains close friends with the Clintons."

McGovern, former Clinton backer, endorses Obama [AP]


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