Famous for Little Rock: Maybe We Should Stop Keeping Score

Hey, remember how we used to make fun of Republicans for having such lame celebrity hangers-on? Yea, let he who is without B-listers cast the first groan. The "One Week in Little Rock" blog has been cataloging the bold-faced names in town for the Clinton Library, but the stroke-widths vary. There's famous-famous: Chevy Chase, Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Jesse Jackson, Bono, John Kerry (we'll give him that, what the hell). There's the famous for DC: Howard Dean, Stephanopoulos, Greta Van Sustren, Sam Donaldson, Wesley Clark. And then there's Markie Post and Judge Reinhold. And Reinhold, apparently, is turning tricks or working in smoosh videos or something: He was spotted "posing for pics with fans inside the River Market Artspace — last seen giving an unidentified woman a foot massage in same Artspace."

Star Maps [One Week in Little Rock]


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