Famous Jay McInerney Novel About Rielle Hunter Goes Into Reprint


Jay McInerney used to love dating crazy broads and doing a lot of blow, back in the 80s, when it was considered un-Americannot to walk around with a cocaine mustache and a persistent case of chlamydia. During these halcyon days, he dated the craziest broad of them all: Lisa Druck, who went on to change her name to "Rielle Hunter" and attain universal revile for her terrible use of fonts in John Edwards' painfully embarrassing presidential campaign "Webisodes." Now Jay McInerney's publisher is reprinting a book he wrote in 1988 called Story of My Life, which is told from the point of view of a Hunter-like character, so now you too can read second-person descriptions of what it is like to have furtive futuristic time-machine sex with John Edwards in his Dirt Palace. Hint: the name he calls out in the throes of passion is his own. [Baltimore Sun]


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