Famous Marijuana Actor To Work In White House


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Those of you that watch the television drama House noticed last night that famous actor Kal Penn's character committed suicide. Oh yes, uh, SPOILER ALERT, a few words ago. Well guess what, he's not dead in real life, yet! In fact the reason he committed suicide on the teevee is so he could go work in the Obama White House, as the character in the above clip. Get scared, Real America! WHEEE...

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop!

I understand it was your decision to leave House. True?

KAL PENN: Yes. I was incredibly honored a couple of months ago to get the opportunity to go work in the White House. I got to know the President and some of the staff during the campaign and had expressed interest in working there, so I'm going to be the associate director in the White House office of public liaison. They do outreach with the American public and with different organizations. They're basically the front door of the White House. They take out all of the red tape that falls between the general public and the White House. It's similar to what I was doing on the campaign.

He will be picking up tea bags from the White House lawn all day, and nothing else.

'House' exclusive: The shocking story behind last night's big death [EW]


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