Famous Marriage Expert Levi Johnston Says Palins Have Marriage Troubles


Alaskan teen Levi Johnston is famous for banging one of Sarah Palin's daughters in Sarah Palin's house in a special fuck room Sarah Palin created for the children, and ever since America has turned to Young Mr. Levi for tawdry details of the Palin Lifestyle. The latest, from some awful celebrity shit site: Todd and Sarah got some terrible marriage problems!

We think Levi's expire-by date has passed, because now he just sounds like some dumb stoner jabbering about something his druggy mom heard on The View:

"Shes taking the money, you know," he said. Asked if Palin and her husband had marital problems, he said, "Oh yeah, they have been from day one" and affirmed that he believed it was part of reason she stepped down.

Day one? Haven't they been married for, like, longer than Levi has been alive?

Of course, he's the same Financial/Legal expert who last month said Palin resigned because she got a big advance with her book deal, long before she resigned. What? [Huffington Post]


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