Fargo, Breeding Ground Of Dikes

  • The Red River in Fargo may rise to unprecedented levels this weekend, so locals are hastily erecting dikes to stem the flood. [Minnesota Public Radio]
  • Secretary of State Clinton admitted that greedy drug fiends in the US do not help Mexico with its drug-violence problem. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • A test pilot crashed a $140 million F-22 war plane and died in the California desert. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The Pentagon says the Chinese military is trying to become more competitive with the US military. They're still pretty far from being able to sustain large combat operations outside their own borders. [New York Times]
  • H&M, your favorite purveyor of cheap designer knock-off outfits, said their quarterly profit dropped for the first time in more than five years. [Bloomberg]
  • Car bomb in northern Baghdad, 16 people killed. [BBC News]

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