Fashion Police State

* Rudy is off raising money in the UK disguised as their prime minister. [Wizbang Politics]

* Someone needs to tell Dan Rather that a good scapegoat doesn't file $70 million law suits. [Michelle Malkin]

* Australia's ruling party bans its members from Al Gore's speeches probably because Al Gore and Al Qaeda are the same person. [Think Progress]

* Mitt Romney wins the race to say that the WTC site is our hole in the ground and the Iranian president can't go see it. [Election Central]

* Fred Thompson doesn't need any health care because he is impervious to all illness. Well, all illness except for cancer, obesity and heart disease. [Hot Air]

* Hillary's "credibility problem" on health care is that she tried too hard to get it for all Americans. [Media Matters]

* Taxpayers foot the bill to keep Wonkette interns on their meds. Thanks, guys. [The Hill Blog]


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