Fast, Cheap, Out of Control? The Missing Bush Adviser Quote

cheaperquickerUPDATE: Sure, we black out a lot, but we rarely hallucinate. So when readers (OK, one reader) wrote in asking where to find the quote from the Bush adviser calling the use of firefighter stock footage in 9/11-themed campaign ads "cheaper and quicker," we were about to admit that -- as with most things around here -- we just made it up. But then we Googled it. And, lo and behold, traces of the quote linger in the digital mist. Our memory of the entire morning is sort of foggy, but it further seems like more than just that quote is missing from the story. There was something about birthday parties, and red hats, and you were there and you were there and you were there. . . No, seriously, we're stumped. Did Karl Rove get to you, Isikoff?

A Cheap, Quick Memorial [Wonkette]

Google search: source:newsweek cheaper and quicker [Google News]


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