Fat, Wheezing MN Senator Says Avoid Doctors, Save $$$ On Heart Attack


Did this guy die after this speech? We are too scared to check Google News to find out.

Wonkette operative "Vic T." explains the video:

This is a 2 minute video of Republican State Senator John Carlson, an insurance agent in Bemidji, MN. He's speaking in favor of a bill that slashes state workers health benefits in favor of "high-deductible" plans -- the very kind he sells through his agency up there in Brrrrmidji.

He explains how state workers can come out ahead if only they would, like him, avoid visits to the doctor. He even spells out how he can come out "a thousand dollars ahead" if he has a heart attack. Awesomely stupid.

It's great when Republican state politicians explain how to rip off the state government, isn't it? At least he wears a beautiful toupee! [YouTube]

Really, we're too scared to check Google News, especially after we found out about this, hours after we posted the "funny video." Gah.


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