Fatal Attraction, Georgetown Style

Someone responds to last week's query from the guy whose one-night-stand drove home his girlfriend's car. We can't decide if this is a not-entirely-funny Craigslist hoax or an actual crazy person. Which would make it hilarious.

Listen, I thought perhaps I'd be the one to tell your girl about us. However, when I made the decision to do this (it's the right thing to do, considering all we talked about that night... I mean, really, it just *can't* be a coincidence that the ring you were planning on giving "her" fit *my* finger, now could it? And unless we weren't absolutely meant to be, how could it be that it was a diamond and *sapphire* [my birthstone] ring? Wow... just, wow!) I realized that I'd need something to back me up; she wouldn't just automatically believe a stranger on the street, would she? So I thought "I'll take his car; then she'll know I'm for real. And she'll admire my chutzpah and she'll realize that she is wrong for him - that *I'm* the soon-to-be Mrs. Right - and she'll want only the best for him (me) and she'll give us her full approval.
And there's more.

Re: Uh, where did you go [Craigslist]

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