Faux 'New York Times' Reveals Hippies' Vision For Utopian Future

Faux 'New York Times' Reveals Hippies' Vision For Utopian Future

Some liberal group of liberals produced a fake edition of theNew York Times revealing all the wonderful things that will happen once hippies rule the world, next July. The evil corporate Harvard Business School will close forever; George Bush will be tried for war crimes; and the Patriot Act will be repealed by a 99-1 vote, with only a drunken Jon Kyl dissenting. Jesus, reading this thing is like crawling in Medea Benjamin's brain. Come join us in a tour of this bleeding-heart masturbation pamphlet.

Here are the many exciting things you'll be able to look forward to in the future:

  • Fat cat corporate overlords are prohibited by law from making more than $180,000 a year. (Half of Manhattan immediately goes into bankruptcy.)
  • PR goons put out of business forever. (Huzzah! Because when you think of a word that's synonymous with "cancer on society," you probably think of ... public relations professionals. Lock 'em all up!)
  • Terrible military propaganda video game "America's Army" cancelled and replaced with a new video game called "America's Diplomat." (Nobody will buy or play this boring video game.)

You get the point. The hilarious part is that this is precisely the sort of shit that conservatives believe liberals wank to, so now you will have to explain to all your Republican friends why you actually don't think a boring video game about diplomacy is such an awesome idea.

Fake New York Times

Pranksters print spoof NY Times [BBC News]


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