FBI Director's Notes Either Heavily Redacted or Full of Embarrassing Typos

'The President slipped off my pants and ran his fingers across my shapely ass...' - WonketteAbove: Robert Mueller's notes on his meeting with the President following the dramatic Gonzales visit to Attorney General John Ashcroft, delirious and sick in his hospital bed. Not since the C.I.A. revealed the mythical 'family jewels' have we been so thrilled by a declassified intelligence document! We can only imagine what it might say under all the redactions! Probably "fuck fuck fuck cock cock vagina." Or maybe "The President and I had a nice laugh about our blatantly illegal warrantless wiretapping program and how no one would ever know or impeach us or anything. Then we made out."

A DC Scene Fades to Black [The Lede]


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