FBI Fighting the Real Enemy: Angry Teenagers

The Enemy at Home! - WonketteThe FBI is trying to reach out to the US Muslim community in order to help recruit them in the battle against "homegrown extremists." The threat of citizens turning against their own country has become very real in Europe. "They were middle-class, educated and had people who loved them," a U.S. intelligence official said of the transit bombers in England. "How do you get from being a moderate Muslim to being a suicide bomber? What is that road?"

We honestly don't know, intelligence official, but we're sure this is helping:

The FBI's definition of homegrown extremists as "U.S. persons who appear to have assimilated, but reject the cultural values, beliefs and environment of the United States" could apply to disaffected young people of any era, regardless of faith.

So the real terrorist threat apparently comes from... beatniks. We knew it all along.


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