FBI Ruins Nice White Power Rangers' Plan To Kill All The Blacks And Jewishes

These are not the KKKinder and Gentler Hello KKKitties

The FBI went and ruined some white supremacist guys' plot for setting off a glorious Race War, arresting three Virginia men who had big plans for a campaign of terror that fortunately never got any further than the Dream Big stage. Since none of the men were Muslims, don't expect to hear too much about the need to profile white guys at airports or remove the teaching of White history from schools.

The FBI claims that Robert Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney were holding a meeting “to discuss acting out in furtherance of their extremist beliefs by shooting or bombing the occupants of black churches and Jewish synagogues, conducting acts of violence against persons of the Jewish faith, and doing harm to a gun store owner.” The two were charged with conspiracy to buy firearms as convicted felons. Another man, Charles Halderman, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

According to Richmond TV station WTVR, the three apparently intended to finance their race war by robbing banks and killing a jewelry store owner in Virginia, as well as attacking gun stores in Virginia and Oklahoma and killing or harming their owners. No word yet on why they had a particular gun store in Oklahoma in mind; your neo-Nazis are not necessarily the clearest thinkers in the world. The men reportedly sought to purchase land in a remote area where they could train for the race war.

Doyle, Halderman, and Chaney: Aryan having fun yet, guys?

This is also where we get to insert our usual skepticism about how real the plot was before the FBI got involved; RawStory reports that authorities "received a tip that the men had begun plotting their wave of terror back in September. The FBI then assigned an undercover agent to meet with the men multiple times to discuss purchasing weapons and explosives."

So, as with several "Muslim Terror" plots broken up by the FBI, it's hard for an outsider to tell just how much of this was an actual conspiracy and how much of it was a bunch of racist assholes with dreams of sparking a second civil war. This one sounds like they were serious before the FBI came along, at least according to the charging document, which claims the men practiced "a white supremacy extremist version of the Asatru faith," a neo-pagan excuse for hating "mud people" and Jews that ThinkProgress notes was favored by the guy who killed three people at a Jewish community center and a nursing home in Kansas in 2014.

The broad outlines of the plot, as reported so far, sound like a half-assed attempt to imitate the actual early-1980s crime spree of the domestic terrorists who called themselves "The Order," after a fictional group of White guerillas in the racist manifesto/novel The Turner Diaries. That group managed to pull off a number of armed robberies in the Pacific Northwest, and murdered Denver talk show host Alan Berg in 1984, after which the FBI hunted down and arrested most members of the group; one died in a shootout with authorities. So yes, these Virginia idiots got caught before actually accomplishing anything, but they had big plans, at least in their sweaty little skinheads.

[contextly_sidebar id="RqRjyRVlhnXW3Ub5DSL3J9q1IFSOonh6"]And while we already know that, since 9/11, more Americans have been killed by domestic rightwing terrorists than by Muslims, we have a sinking feeling the Virginia plotters will become simply one more isolated incident that won't get mentioned the next time Fox News can't remember any rightwing terror plots. Maybe the solution is to buy more guns. Isn't that always the solution?

[WTVR / RawStory / ThinkProgress]

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