FDR, MLK & Thomas Jefferson Furious Over Obama's Plagiarism

Wax DemonsHey, Barack Obama, we have rules in this country. Rules like, You cannot go around quoting the "I Have A Dream" speech, or the Declaration of Independence, or that weird/wrong thing FDR used to say ("The only thing we have to fear is fear itself") to try to soothe the desperately poor and angry people who were this close to "seizing the means of production." And that's why Hillary's campaign is sending everybody these shocking YouTubes proving that another black person has also trotted out a couple of patriotic chestnuts as proof that campaign speeches really do change the world.

Here's the shocking video, showing some guy (Mitt Romney?) running for governor of Massachusetts while also saying he was a good candidate even though the other candidate said he was just using a lot of uppity words:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/ycc7ygbOBRM&rel=1 expand=1]

So what did Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick have to say about Barack Obama having the audacity to also say the words "just words" while saying other things that were also examples of other words?

"Senator Obama and I are long-time friends and allies. We often share ideas about politics, policy and language," Patrick said in the statement. "The argument in question, on the value of words in the public square, is one about which he and I have spoken frequently before. Given the recent attacks from Senator Clinton, I applaud him responding in just the way he did."

OBAMA IS CLEARLY NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT. The only "ethical" response to Hillary saying Obama just uses a lot of fancy inspirational words is, obviously, to grunt weirdly and pound your fists on the podium.

An Obama Refrain Bears Echoes of a Governor's Speeches [NYT]


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