Fearful 9/11 Coloring Book Helps Kids Learn How to Fear Muslims


Hey, parents! We hear the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 is around the corner, and you should be asking yourselves an important question: are your small kids sufficiently freaked out yet?  If not, here is a terrible ominous children's coloring book to explain to the youth that "they" will never forget 9/11, either. Creepy! Who are they? Did they do this? "Yes, 'they' know of whom they are. Given the chance, 'they' would do it again," sayeth the coloring book. GAH! KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THEY. THEY WILL MURDER US ALL. Do we know who "they" is yet? Guess, children! Immigrants? Space lizards? Darth Vader? Hobbits? 

Haha, silly children. "They" are the Mooslims. That was an easy one! Here, color in some pictures of these Mooslims destroying America and freedom. How about a picture of Osama bin Laden in the second before he was shot? That's a nice picture. Make sure to use the brown crayon for Osama and the peach color for the soldier!

Who doesn't agree with children's coloring book history lessons like, "some Muslim people believe the attacks were a conspiracy caused by Jews?" That's an important one to include. Calm down, hippies. Fill in the picture of the Christian cross at ground zero, you'll feel better. [ABC News]


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