Feast Or Famine

  • North Korea tried to woo visiting reporters and musicians from the New York Philharmonic with weird buffets and trips to luxury good stores. Then the power got shut off, and everyone remembered that North Korea is a nation of poor, starving people. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Mississippi holds its primary tomorrow, and Obama is expected to win by a massive margin. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Republicans lost former Speaker Dennis Hastert's House seat to Democrat Bill Foster in a special election this weekend. Whether you consider this a crazy fluke or a national trend depends largely on which party you belong to. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Having sewn up the Republican presidential nomination, John McCain will linger in obscurity for a few months while Clinton and Obama battle it out in the spotlight. [New York Times]
  • Secrecy and poor communication didn't hurt the Clinton campaign. It was all the bitching about the secrecy and poor communication. [New York Times]
  • Tucker Carlson continues his losing streak! Yet another show he hosts has been cancelled. [TVNewser]

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