If Period Discussions In Health Class Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will ... What The HELL FLORIDA?

This is your reproductive rights roundup!

Florida Republican Admits His Bill Would Bar Young Girls From Discussing Their Periods In School

One day in fifth grade, the school nurse sent all the boys to go play baseball outside and gathered the girls to watch several instructive but weirdly outdated videos about menstruation, including this one, starring Andrea McArdle and the cast of Annie, many, many years after the show closed on Broadway.


And then my friend Angela and I went around singing "Your period will come, tomorrow! When you're wearing white shorts and it's gym day! You'll get cramps!" for the rest of the year. Naturally.

Florida state Rep. Stan McClain (R) has a bill, however, that would make all of that illegal. HB 1069, which he introduced on Wednesday, would bar all instruction and discussion of sexual health related issues before sixth grade.

“Does this bill prohibit conversations about menstrual cycles ― because we know that typically the ages is between 10 and 15 ― so if little girls experience their menstrual cycle in fifth grade or fourth grade, will that prohibit conversations from them since they are in the grade lower than sixth grade?” Rep. Ashley Viola Gantt (D) asked McClain during the hearing.

"It would," he said.

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Proposed Florida Textbooks Won't Say Why Rosa Parks Stayed Seated. Maybe She Was Stubborn, Who Knows?

She probably should've taken an Uber.

Now that Ron DeSantis has scrubbed all the woke out of Florida math textbooks, it's time for the state's social studies textbooks to be winnowed, so that no traces of critical race theory remains, and so no children feel guilty or sad about history. The New York Times reports (gift link) that as part of the periodic review of textbooks this year,

a small army of state experts, teachers, parents and political activists have combed thousands of pages of text — not only evaluating academic content, but also flagging anything that could hint, for instance, at critical race theory.

Remember, of course, that while in academia, critical race theory is a graduate-level topic of study, on the right, CRT means anything that makes white people fretting about The Blacks uncomfortable.

One group involved in the effort, the Florida Citizens Alliance, determined that 29 of the 38 textbooks its volunteers examined were simply inappropriate for use in Florida, and urged the Florida Department of Education to reject them. The Times notes that the group's co-founders helped out with education policy during DeSantis's transition (to governor, not in a trans kind of way, heavens!), and that it has "helped lead a sweeping effort to remove school library books deemed as inappropriate, including many with L.G.B.T.Q. characters."

We bet the books they rejected were just full of critical racecars and critical footraces! Just how bad were these awful textbooks?

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fox news

Is Tucker Malfunctioning? Is It The Woke Banks' Fault? Can Somebody Restart Tucker?

This bank thing appears to have fried all his circuits.

On Tucker Carlson's show last night, he said that January 6 is "second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my lifetime."

We feel like those kinds of lies lose their bite now that we have 100 percent confirmation that Tucker Carlson is the biggest scam of our lives, and that he knows he is lying to his viewers. That he hates Donald Trump. Tucker publicly admitted once that he lies when he feels cornered, and we replied at the time that the poor guy must just be feeling like a terrified animal every time he goes on the TV. But these texts and emails revealed by the Dominion Voting Systems suit tell us so much more.

We know that one of his producers compared dealing with people skeptical of the 2020 election results as akin to "negotiating with terrorists, but especially dumb ones. Cousin fucking types not saudi royalty.”

Tucker knows he's lying.

That said, his show last night was bugfuck, even for him, and reading his monologue it's hard to tell whether he's lying or feeling cornered or sniffing glue or what even is going on. Even those whose job it is to watch his show in real time, who do this every night, were likehuh?

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Nice Time

Joe Biden: Ron DeSantis Going To Hell For Bullying Trans Kids (OK, It's *Implied*)

Nice time!

President Joe Biden sat down for an interview on "The Daily Show" last night, with Kal Penn, the actor/comedy guy and former Obama White House aide, to talk about climate change, the youth vote, student loan forgiveness, and the awful GOP attempts to attack LGBTQ+ folks for political gain. And while he stopped short of endorsing anyone to replace Trevor Noah as permanent host of the "Daily Show," Biden still made some news by saying he thinks Republican efforts to restrict the rights of trans people is "close to sinful," by which I think he meant "actually sinful."

Here's the full interview; the discussion of the appalling backlash against LGBTQ+ rights comes at 13:40.


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