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House Democrats Treated Bill Barr Like Sh*t Yesterday. He Deserved It.

Highlights from the House Judiciary Committee's hearing with the worst attorney general who ever did live!

Tuesday, after one thousand delays and excuses, Attorney General Bill Barr finally sat down with the House Judiciary Committee to lie and dodge questions, and it was a more satisfying experience than we might have expected because Democrats were mad. Barr is the worst excuse for an attorney general America has had since the Nixon administration, and that guy went to prison. It's clear Barr thinks he's above oversight, especially from Democrats who stand in the way of his service to his Dear Leader, who Barr thinks should have the powers of a king and be treated like it.

Thing is, the Democrats were not having it, and for once we are a bit more pleased with the behavior of the House Judiciary Committee, which we thought was unteachable. Oh certainly, they shouted over Barr to hear their own voices but this time they did it for (some of) the right reasons, because Barr was filibustering and refusing to actually answer the questions they asked. Realizing that, they'd just tell him to go fuck worms and move on to the next question. They were mean to him. And it was what he deserved.

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justice department

Liveblogging Bill Barr's Lie Garbage, Because This Week Wasn't Terrible Enough Yet

98 days until the election. 98 days.

Good morning! At very long last, Donald Trump's sniveling henchman at Justice, Attorney General Bill Barr, will be sitting down in the House Judiciary Committee to face griling from Democrats. And where will they even start? It's been so long since he's testified, and the sheer number of abuses of power Barr has helped Trump commit in the past few months are breathtaking.

We haven't heard from him since before Trump was impeached, so there are all the questions about how Barr helped Trump abuse power by working to hide the Ukraine whistleblower complaint from Congress, and absolving Trump of all guilt related to that, and by "that," we mean how Trump extorted a country that was attacked by one of our adversaries to help him steal the 2020 election.

And there are all the rule of law abuses of power since then, like the fuckery with the Roger Stone sentencing and the fuckery with the Michael Flynn case.

And there's the fuckery with Barr's bumblefucked machinations to interfere with the work of the Southern District of New York AND the Eastern District of New York AND the Washington DC US attorney's office, in order to protect Donald Trump from any investigations that might endanger him.

And there's his precious John Durham investigation, where the US attorney from Connecticut is INVESTIGATIN' THE INVESTIGATORS, to "prove" that Barack Obama and the FBI did OBAMAGATE to Trump and FRAMED him for a RUSSIAN HOAX. (Expect Republicans to waste a lot of time on that today.)

And oh God, all of that is aside from what will perhaps be top of mind for many lawmakers, namely what exact fucking Gestapo is he using to attack American cities and create chaos for the benefit of Donald Trump in advance of the 2020 election. You know, that little thing.

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The Internet

The Following Things Are Wrong On The Internet Today

That GOP convention line-up was a joke, and the border wall video is a month old.

This morning, Ted Nugent, Scott Baio and Diamond and Silk were all trending on Twitter — and for the same reason. Supposedly, they had all been booked to speak at the Republican National Convention this year. Antonio Sabato Jr was also on the list, but he was not trending, because eh, it's Antonio Sabato Jr.

We considered reporting on this, because boy, wouldn't there be a lot to say on that. However, after looking into it, we decided to pass on account of the fact that it was just one tweet from one guy, with no confirmation anywhere else, and it could have been a joke.

And, as it turns out, it was a joke!

The AP reports that Mike Sington, who tweeted it out on Sunday, confirmed to them that he was in fact just making a joke. The Trump campaign also said that those speakers had not been announced. Of course, it's very likely that some of them will make an appearance, because there is not much difference between a joke and our actual lives these days, but it was just supposed to be a joke.

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Trump Not Paying Respects To John Lewis Today, Because Trump Is Garbage

It's not like anybody wanted him there.

Today was the day civil rights hero and longtime Georgia congressman John Lewis lay in state at the Capitol, the second Black lawmaker ever to do that. (Elijah Cummings was the first.) The timing had been delayed because fellow civil rights hero C.T. Vivian died the very same day Lewis did, and the Lewis family wanted to let Vivian's family move forward with memorial plans, and they'd go afterward.

Joe Biden came to Washington to pay his respects. Much of Congress did, too, both Democrats and Republicans. Hell, Mitch McConnell even managed to say words that were not grotesque, but they weren't "I have spent my entire career fighting against everything John Lewis ever did," so he can get fucked. Mike Pence came by.

Not Donald Trump, though. He had to go to North Carolina, and also he probably just didn't want to, because he's petty, broken garbage:

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