Federal Government Is Never Going To Regulate Anything Ever Again Because John Boehner Says So


I GOT A GREAT IDEEEEEEEEEEEEA!John Boehner had a meeting with a bunch of business lobbyists today, and after coming out of it, he immediately told the world "his" great idea to enact a moratorium on new federal regulations for a year. (You are supposed to wait until Monday so these things seem like new policy ideas, not something the lobbyists told you to do, John.) Boehner set this meeting up with Illinois Republicans Aaron Schock (Hottie) and Peter Roskam (Nottie), and the big news was that business lobbyists really don't care for many of Obama's policies!

Roskam said those in the meeting reported that a significant obstacle to the economic recovery is "the down-talking of the private sector, the rhetoric."

"The anti-business rhetoric that they see coming out of Washington is more than just symbolic." Roskam added. "It's creating a great deal of uncertainty."

Are you suggesting that American patriots are starting to warm up to the idea of socialism?! Oh noes!

We'd better get these great business lobbyists to speak directly to the American people. Surely these great ideas will resonate if the business policy decision-makers let people know what is happening to them.

Democrats responded by repeating their dumb ant line, like idiots. Good work.

Aren't lobbyist meetings like this supposed to be secret? Or do Republicans just not care anymore? They are regurgitating and announcing support for lobbyist plans for legislation just minutes after the lobbyists told them to. Does that look bad? Nah. They will still do well at midterm time. [CNN]


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