Feds Approve Cloned Meat & Milk! Hooray!

Send in the clones, there ought to be clones - WonketteGovernment scientists have come to the rock-solid conclusion that it's totally safe to eat cloned meat and dairy products from cloned animals. This basically means that you can stumble upon the Perfect Steak and then get the ID number of the animal, probably through some DNA detector built into next year's Blackberry models, and continue to eat that steak forever.

The FDA just today gave its endorsement of widespread cloning of cattle, goats, sheep and pigs, although the Food Bureaucrats have gently asked industrial farms not to introduce cloned animals into the food supply for 90 days. There is no way anything can go wrong, so don't worry! (We're pretty sure this will end up killing off mankind.)

FDA gives nod to clones in meat, milk supply [CNN Money]


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