Feds Seize Rogue Presidential Library

Four more years! - WonketteFederal officials took over the Richard M. Nixon Library today, ending the rogue institution's 17-year reign of historical bullshit. In line with the other 11 presidential libraries that are authorized by the National Archives, the Nixon Library will now have to tell the truth, especially about Watergate -- which the privately-run Library had maintained was simply an evil coup against the world's greatest president.

The archivists also plan to update the following Nixon Library displays with more objective historical information:

* How America Won the Vietnam War

* Richard Nixon, First Man On the Moon

* Jackie O'Nixon, America's Glamorous First Lady

* America's College Students Salute their President

* The Woodstock Patriotism Celebration & Cookout, with your host Guy Lombardo

* Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein: Commie Fags

* Docile Negroes: Why America's Coloreds Are So Well Behaved

Nixon library loses Watergate whitewash [Orange County Register]


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