Feel the Terror of FRIDAY the 13th!!!

24 hours of terror! - WonketteHey everybody, it's Friday the 13th! A lot of horrible things are happening to people who forgot to remember not to go outside or walk under cats or whatever. It's still early, so something bad is still very likely to happen to everybody, but here's some of the awful terror currently afflicting people due to Friday the 13th:

* Don Imus got fired! That is some seriously bad Friday the 13th mojo. Dude was like the 14th most popular national guy who talks on radio. Don't let any blacks cross your path, Don.

* The World Bank's trying to fire Paul Wolfowitz all of the sudden. Why? Check your calendar, that's why. On days like this, it's best just to call in sick and spend all day in bed with your mistress you pay $200,000 a year.

* The White House can't find millions of e-mails on the Bush Administration's secret illegal private e-mail system. Rotten luck! Try looking again when it's not Friday, and the 13th!

Be careful, everybody, or the next FRIDAY THE 13TH update could be about you.


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