In 1978, future Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and most awesome woman in the entire galaxy Ruth Bader Ginsburg was giving a presentation to that same esteemed body for a case dealing with how gender should be treated by the equal protection clause (an issue which has always been kind of been a bugaboo for RGB). The last question from the bench came from preeminent fascist pill head William H. Rehnquist, who took the opportunity to ask his future colleague a "joke" by saying "You won't settle for putting Susan B. Anthony on the new dollar..?". Bader Ginsburg said nothing, because she knew her damn place.

Sadly, it seems that this important lesson on how best to be a lady lawyer is lost on this new generation of female justices, who are daring to speak their mind and are totally fucking up the vibe of what was once Washington's best robed-themed drinking club with all their talk about "equality" and "jurisprudence." To make matters worse, the awful Goddess Coven of Bader-Ginsburg, Kagan, and (especially) Sotomayor are feminizing and "personalizing" the law, which is making it really difficult for adorable megalomaniacs like Anton Scalia to reassert the court's traditional role of quashing hope and destroying progress for anyone other than white men and corporations. Luckily Sandy Rios of American Family Radio is addressing this important issue in the law before bitches ruin everything.

Yes while most of the sentient world puked in disgust upon hearing Anton Scalia's not at all trolly idea that the right to vote constituted a "racial entitlement," Rios was aghast at Justice Sotomayor's behavior at the Voting Rights Act hearings. Our Wise Latina Associate Justice “rudely” addressed the court by “interrupting” and “speaking inappropriately” to Scalia when she (according to all reports from non-crazy persons) "waited several minutes before calmly asking the attorney challenging the Voting Rights Act, 'Do you think that the right to vote is a racial entitlement in Section 5?'"

HOW DARE SHE. Being a total dick to everyone in the courtroom for your own amusement is totally Scalia's shtick. Sotomayor is stealing his tone and his jokes! She's Carlos Mencia in a robe!

Most people who don't share office space with Bryan Fischer might look at Sotomayor questioning a lawyer as doing "an essential part of her fucking job" or conversely "handing an extremely subtle fuck you to a man who is consciously and dismissively choosing to use his power to undermine the hard fought for rights of millions of people." However, Rios saw Sotomayor's complete and utter meltdown as an endemic symptom of Obama's decision to affirmative action the whole damn judiciary. In fact, Rios had a guest with unassailable proof that the Preident's commitment to diversity was upsetting the natural order of things by letting all these uppity loose cannons onto the bench:

Rios: And on the Voting Rights Act and Scalia’s comments, you know, there were demonstrators at the Court last week, hundreds of them, demonstrating against Antonin Scalia. I don’t remember that happening. I don’t remember a Supreme Court justice – doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened – but I don’t remember it being a subject of public demonstrations.

Levey: No. Typically they will, you know, they’ll, protestors at the Supreme Court will focus on issues, not justices. But you know, that changed of late. There’s been in the last two years a lot of, you know, progressive groups have gone personally after Scalia and especially Thomas and his wife. But you know, we see that in so much of politics, that groups on the left like to, shall we say, personalize things.

Rios: Yeah, as like in Alinsky, yes, personalize and target, yeah, so we are seeing some very new things and actually pretty dangerous I think.

You see what you did Obama! Protestors getting angry on a personal level with Anton Scalia for daring to to bring this country and this legal system back to the halcyon days of the 1870's when women stayed at home, corporations could sell us lead lined children's toys that were MADE IN AMERICA, and black people were summarily lynched if they tried to vote.

Nothing has ever been right since Reagan foolishly installed a woman's restroom in the court and brought on this awful era where the Wenches of Jurisprudence sync up their periods and bring all this worthless emotion and empathy into the law. Things would be much better if we had just kept the SCOTUS Women's auxiliary to issuing advisory opinions on important cases like the cross stitch versus the whip stitch. The Justixes that we have now are just out of control, and god knows what sort of damage those loud-mothed trollops Sotomayor and Kagan will do to the law before they retire. America just didn't know how good we had it when ladies "settle(d) for tokens."

Take a tip from Clarence Thomas, "ladies": associate justices should be seen and not heard.

[Right Wing Watch]


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