FEMA's Cruise Control

Lest you think that Tom DeLay is the only sinkhole of cash operating on the Potomac, let us briefly redirect your attention to the chronic condition of inept money bloat afflicting our oold friends at FEMA. The WaPo's Jonathan Weisman reports that the crony holding pen that gave us Michael "I'm No Superhero; I'm Not Even a Competent Horse Inspector or Lawyer" Brown has floated a grotesque sweetheart deal with Carnival Cruise Lines, to the tune of $236 million. What FEMA gets for all that scratch is three cruise ships, totalling 10,000 berths, for the next six months. Well, they're at least providing desperately needed emergency shelter for flood evacuees, right? Well, you see, the thing is, those ships . . .

. . . now bob more than half empty in the Mississippi River and Mobile Bay. The six-month contract

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