Feminazis' Open Letter To Rush Provokes 70s-Style Conservative Backlash


Scientists may someday discover the parasite that manipulates conservative brains into vomiting up punchlines from '70s-era "The Lighter Side Of...." cartoons whenever the word "feminist" is mentioned within a 400-yard radius. (You'll know we're close to a cure when John McCain, out of nowhere, starts fretting about just how much these parasite paternity lawsuits are costing the gubmint.) But, until the science is finally settled, conservatives will continue to enter a hazy and scary pre-disco fugue state in which Vietnam is still winnable whenever feminazis pen open letters to bloated women-hating AM radio deejays. More data after the jump!

From Mediaititeis:

Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan [are] calling for Limbaugh’s show to be taken off the air, because although he may be “constitutionally entitled to his opinions,” they argued that he was not entitled to express them on the radio.

And so the conservative bat signal lights up the night sky, summoning the most dated possible references to take down these mouthy women's libbers! Come Donner, come Maidenform, come Ho Chi Minh!

Yeah, that looks about right. [Fox Nation/Mediaite]


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