Right Wing Extremism

Proud Boys Don't Want Any Ladies Joining Their He-Man Woman-Haters Club

No girls allowed!

The Proud Boys, the douchiest group of human beings in perhaps the entire history of the world, like to claim that, rather than being the violent right wing extremists they obviously are, they are simply a fraternal drinking club for "western chauvinists." They sometimes even like to compare themselves to groups like the Elks or the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes or the Fraternal Order of the Bass or the Amalgamated Association of Morons.

Actually, that one isn't too far off.

However, while many of the traditional fraternal organizations have ladies auxiliaries, the Proud Boys would like to be clear that they do not and will not have one and that there is no such thing as a Proud Girl, and they are sick and tired of ladies trying to be Proud Girls instead of staying the fuck in the kitchen.

There is not really a good side to take here. On the one hand, you've got women who want to join a hate group, and on the other, you've got men who don't want women to join their hate group because of how they are sexist. Everyone involved is terrible.

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Well This Is Just A Swell Time For Trump To Cut Healthcare Funds To California Over Abortion

Did you know there is a pandemic? Because there's a pandemic.

Hey! I don't know if you've noticed or not, but there's like a whole pandemic happening. It's been going on for practically a year now. One of the things people definitely need, in the middle of a pandemic, is healthcare. Not only do individuals need healthcare for themselves, they also need other people to have healthcare. Because there's a virus and we don't want the virus to spread. We want people to get treated for the virus and also to get the vaccine, so we can all go back to sorta normal.

Now, sure, that could be said for healthcare in general — that we actually all benefit from everyone having it, even when there isn't a pandemic, because we live in a society — but let's not start a riot here.

California is having a difficult time. It's had more cases of COVID-19 than any other state in the country, and trails only New York and Texas in total deaths. In fact, just two days ago, the state confirmed more than 61,000 cases in a single day.

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Man Of The People Tucker Carlson Being Very Populist About That Elitist Bitch Dr. Jill Biden

Welcome to Obama's Dijon Mustard 2020, but shittier and all around grosser, if that is possible.

Following the foofaraw over Joseph Epstein's dumb Wall Street Journal op-ed arguing that Jill Biden — aka "kiddo" — should disavow being called "Dr. Biden" because she's not a medical doctor, the predictable pile-on in rightwing media continues. No longer content to lecture folks that only MD's can be doctors (because what if a doktor of rhetoric tried to do surgery?), we're now treated to a couple of culture wars gate-keepers who insist that not only is Jill Biden unworthy of the title "Dr.," she's not even qualified for her doctorate in education, because they skimmed her dissertation and it is TERRIBLE.

Mind you, the people making those claims are Fox News's Tucker Carlson, a millionaire frozen dinner heir, and the National Review's Kyle Smith, who used to review movies for the New York Post and has Opinions about sluts in modern fiction. Neither has an advanced degree, because those are for poseurs and elitists. Regardless, both are able to tell that Biden's dissertation, as Smith puts it, is "garbage."

Yr Dok Zoom found a copy of Biden's dissertation online, and while I've only skimmed parts of it, it didn't impress me as particularly barbarous. Could it be that both these dicks are cherry picking small issues and pronouncing the entire work useless? Gosh, what a completely expected bit of bad faith!

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Tucker Carlson's Little Man Syndrome Peeks Out His Fly To Whine About Dr. Jill Biden

So very sad.

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal allowed some old misogynistic garbage fart without even an MBA, who received his bachelor's degree in absentia, and who probably hasn't seen his own balls since the Nixon administration, to publish a screed begging Dr. Jill Biden, to whom he referred as "kiddo" in the first line, to drop the "Doctor" from her name. "What a fucking dildo," we thought, and then we went back to never having heard of that guy in the first place. Who has the bandwidth for somebody so irrelevant? Not us!

Surprise, one of the Fox News evening hosts also has a problem with Dr. Jill Biden, whose doctorate is in education, being called a "Doctor," and you get no guesses which one it was. There's only one Fox News host spoon-fed and milquetoast enough to have a problem with Dr. Biden's title, just like there's only one who shrieks when he laughs and brags about beating up gay guys in the bathroom because he thinks it makes him look manly.

Hi, Tucker.

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