Abortion Pill Now Available Without Doctor's Visit! Georgia's 6-Week Abortion Ban Blocked! Hooray!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for reproductive rights.

Yesterday was a good day for reproductive rights — the kind of days that are very few and far between these days. One federal judge permanently blocked Georgia's bill banning abortion after six weeks, and another ruled that the the abortion pill can be prescribed and obtained without a visit to the doctor's office.

The author of the Georgia six-week abortion ban, state Rep. Ed Setzler, said he felt the law met legal standards and that he was attempting to establish the "personhood" of a fetus based on when its heart began to beat — because that sounds like just the kind of thing that might tug at someone's heart strings and make it easier to ban abortion. Since many people don't even know that they are pregnant before six weeks, the law essentially bans all abortion.

Of course, "fetal pole cardiac activity," as ob-gyn Jennifer Kerns explained to Wired earlier this year, is not so much a heartbeat as it is "is a group of cells with electrical activity. That's what the heartbeat is at that stage of gestation. […] We are in no way talking about any kind of cardiovascular system."

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Sleeping Giants Not Very Woke

Why are men?

Since 2016, the Sleeping Giants social media activist organization has gone after the advertisers sponsoring websites and television shows that encourage hate or are hosted by serial sexual harassers. They create campaigns asking social media users to write to advertisers telling them that they won't buy their products if they advertise on these shows or websites, and those campaigns have been extremely effective. They led to Bill "Falafel Thing" O'Reilly getting kicked off the air, finally, and to Breitbart losing 90 percent of its advertisers.

Alas, it turns out that the organization had some problems of its own. Nandini Jammi, the marketing expert who cofounded Sleeping Giants with copywriter Matt Rivitz and ran the Facebook side of the operation while he ran the Twitter account, is leaving, saying — and providing a whole lot of evidence for the fact — that Rivitz gaslighted her, sidelined her, and took credit for her work. Oh boy, is that ever ... not particularly surprising.

In a post on Medium on Thursday, Jammi detailed her experience working at Sleeping Giants, how she and Rivitz came together to collaborate on the project, and his eventual insistence that he be the face of the organization, even suggesting in interviews that she was merely a "helper."

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Men Have To Play Video Games Because Women Won't Do 'Biblical Submission', Says Nice Christian Lady's Friend

They can't even join the military!

Lori Alexander, Wonkette's favorite Nice Christian Lady, invited a friend this week to contribute to her anti-feminist blog, The Transformed Wife. This friend was a man, because let's be real — women just shouldn't speak or write unless they are speaking or writing about how women shouldn't speak or write!

This friend, Tim Keller, was inspired by one of Alexander's recent posts about women serving in the military (which is bad, of course, because we are supposed to be delicate flowers and battlefields are no place for a lady) to write his own post about how feminism has forced men to "retreat" — to hang out in their parents' basements, rather than fight for our honor in stupid wars. This is very bad, for reasons.

He writes:

Men are designed by the Lord to fight for women, not with them. Most of the time when wives have an argument with their husband, the husband shuts down.

This is a part of how the Lord programmed the male mind to help deescalate the conflict and control his emotions. Invariably, the wife misinterprets his silence as unloving, but the opposite is usually true.

I would interpret his silence as "I won, because of how I am very smart," but I've got a silly ladybrain, what do I know? What I can tell you, though, is that while it would never occur to me to send a missive to a man I don't know requesting to "debate" him, I get such letters from men all the time. That seems like an unusual thing for people who were not designed by the Lord to fight with women to do.

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2020 Congressional Elections

Tommy Tuberville Let Raping Football Man Off With One-Game Suspension

Alabama Goddamn.

Wednesday evening, the campaign bus for Tommy Tuberville, Donald Trump's preferred candidate in Alabama's GOP primary for the US Senate, burst into flames and melted into a complete loss. The bus was on a test drive after some maintenance, and the driver, the only person aboard, escaped without injury.

Just in case you're keeping track of obvious metaphors from the creators of the "2020" simulation, the bus fire preceded by one day a Washington Examiner story, published last night, that details how, when Tuberville was the head football coach at Auburn University in 1999, he gave a mere one-game suspension to a football player who'd been charged with second-degree rape in a case involving a 15-year old girl. The athlete, Clifton Robinson, was 20 at the time, and pleaded to a reduced charge of "contributing to the delinquency of a minor," a misdemeanor.

After the guilty plea, Tuberville emphasized he was very, very disappointed, and that Robinson would have to face the consequences for his actions.

"Clifton is back on the team," coach Tommy Tuberville said. "He and I will sit down today and I'll tell him that we do things right around here, so he can expect there will be some punishment. What it is, I don't know yet." [emphasis added — Dok]

And apparently the way they did things around there was to issue a one-game suspension for Auburn's opening game of the season, because we guess Robinson was a pretty good player who really contributed a lot to the team, and as they say, why ruin a promising young man's life just for a little illegal sex with a minor?

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