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Why Can't These 'Pro-Life' States Stop Killing Infants All the Time?

Weird how that happens.

Last night, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, who is well past the age where an unwanted pregnancy might be a concern, signed a bill outlawing abortion entirely, except in the case of the "life of the mother." It is -- so far -- the most restrictive ban in the country, following several six-week abortion bans popping up in Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi.

While legislators in these states are very excited for the chance to see Roe v. Wade overturned—which it will be, why even pretend anymore—and to see abortion banned entirely, that does not seem to be what the majority of people in this country, even in their own states, want. In fact, there is not a single state where more than 20% of the population actually wants this.

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2020 presidential election

Miss Warren And Miss Harris, If You're Nasty!


Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren just keep making us love them more and more, what with being terrible mean nasty women, the way all good Americans should be. Yr Wonkette is ready for a Warren/Harris or Harris/Warren ticket RIGHT GODDAMN NOW, please and thank you!

Oh, we suppose you want to know what they did, huh? Well, fine, though really if you all just paid closer attention we wouldn't have to spell it out for you. But then we wouldn't be paid to write political fart noises, either, so you just keep not having already heard stuff, OK?

For starters, Kamala Harris had this perfect reply to Daily Mail reporter Emily Goodin, when Goodin asked whether Harris was tired of being talked about as a great VP choice:

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Alabama Goes And Decides To Force Victims To Carry Their Rapist's Babies After All

Twenty-five white dudes decide this is in fact a great idea.

Remember yesterday, when we ran an article, an article that I wrote about how maybe some of Alabama's Republican male legislators were having second thoughts about forcing rape victims to carry their rapist's babies, and thought that maybe there ought to be some exceptions in their new law outlawing abortion?

HAHA, just kidding. While four white male Republican legislators, Del Marsh, Cam Ward, Andrew Jones, and Jim McClendon, voted for the amendment allowing exceptions, they were outnumbered by all the other white male Republicans who opposed the exceptions. Then, when it came time to pass the bill as is, all four joined their fellow white male Republicans in voting to pass it. No Democrats—and, perhaps more notably, no women—voted in favor of the bill. Two of the 27 Republicans in the senate abstained from voting.

So HB 314 passed 25-6. The bill, unlike the bills being passed in other states, outlaws all abortions, not just those after six weeks. The only exception is if it's a situation where the mother will definitely die from having the baby. While those who seek abortion will not be charged with a crime, a doctor performing an abortion could get up to 99 years in prison—more years than a rapist would get in most situations.

State Sen. Clyde Chambliss, one of the major proponents of this bill, was eager to demonstrate the depth of his knowledge of the female reproductive system during the hearing, explaining that abortion will still be legal for those who do not yet know they are pregnant.

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Alabama Maybe Not So Sure About Denying Abortions To Rape Victims After All

But who can ever tell?

Right now, there is an anti-abortion bill floating in the Alabama Senate that, like the one that recently passed in Ohio, does not include exceptions for rape and incest and which would outlaw all abortions except for those meant to save the mother's life.

That, apparently, is making even a few anti-choice Republicans cringe a little. So today, they will vote on whether or not to add those exceptions to the bill before it goes to the desk of Republican Gov. Kay Ivey.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Rep. Del Marsh (R), the president of the state Senate, said he hopes the exceptions will be added because although he'd love to see Roe overturned, he's not "real comfortable" with the idea of forcing a woman to have her rapist's baby.

Rep. Cam Marsh is not too comfortable with it either, noting that he would not want to force his own daughter to carry a baby from rape.

"The question is, are we going to be the state that says this is okay?" he said. "Even if this is just a legal strategy, I also have a 16-year-old daughter. Would I want her to carry a baby from a rape?

"That's where my stomachache comes in," he said. "That's where folks feel real sick about this."

Gee, it sure is too bad about that stomach ache. It's also too bad he cannot figure a way to extend that empathy to anyone who does not want to be forced to give birth. Because I just have a feeling that if his daughter were to get pregnant from consensual sex, he still might not actually be too keen on her having a baby at 16. He probably has great big hopes for her life that he would not like to see derailed by an unwanted teen pregnancy. Just like lots of people have for their lives and their children's lives.

There is good news for Rep. Marsh, though—he's probably got enough money to spirit his own daughter out of state to get an abortion if she needed one, just like rich people did in the "good old days." Abortion has always been safe and legal for those who can afford it.

The bill's sponsor, state Rep. Terri Collins (R), says she totally gets why some people might want to have exceptions for rape and incest, but says that because the whole point of her bill is to get it to the Supreme Court so that they can overturn Roe v. Wade, this is the way it has to be. It's a legal strategy!

"It has to be 100 percent a person at conception," Collins said.

Collins said she would support states making their own decisions about exceptions. And she herself agrees "that rape and incest could be an exception in state law.

"But what I'm trying to do here is get this case in front of the Supreme Court so Roe v. Wade can be overturned."

Wow, what a truly gross person. Though at least she's consistent.

As horrifying as it is to force a rape victim to have their rapist's baby, it is just as horrifying to force anyone to to have a baby they don't want to have, period. The reason why "rape and incest" exceptions exist is not because the people who believe in them are more reasonable or moderate or slightly more empathetic than their "no exceptions" counterparts, but because they really don't care so much about the fetuses as they do about forcing women who have recreational sex to "face the consequences" of their actions. They see rape victims who did not want to have sex as "innocent" and those who did want to have sex as "guilty" and, well, "if you do the crime, you do the time."



As usual, the ACLU is planning to sue if the bill passes.

"It shows how extreme and how emboldened the people who are pushing these laws feel now," [ACLU senior staff attorney Alexa Kolbi-Molinas] said. "Before, they knew they couldn't get away with it. Now they think they can."

The ACLU, she said, is preparing to sue if the Alabama measure passes — with or without exceptions.

"At the end of the day, an all-out abortion ban, whether it's at six weeks or before, is blatantly unconstitutional whether those exceptions exist or not," Kolbi-Molinas said.

Unfortunately for us all, that's probably not going to be the case for too long. Conservatives on the Supreme Court showed this week, in their decision on the case of Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt, that they are willing to overturn court precedent if they happen to not like the way a case was decided in the first place—principle of stare decisis be damned.

Oh well, at least some Republicans are feeling mildly glum about it. Sort of.

[Washington Post]

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How Will CNN Ask Employees To Give Up Their Reproductive Rights For A Job?

They're gonna have to move out of Atlanta.

Picture it—America, 2020! You are a media professional of some kind, sitting at home, checking your email, when you see a message from CNN, TBS, Adult Swim, Tyler Perry Studios, Boomerang, or one of the many film studios now based in Atlanta, offering you a great job. Or you're a flight attendant getting a job with Delta Airlines that would be based in Atlanta. Or it's another job with another company that happens to be based in Georgia.

It's a job you'd eagerly take under most circumstances, but you, unfortunately, have a uterus. Or your partner or your child has a uterus. That now makes taking a job in Georgia, or in any of the other states that have recently passed abortion bans a slightly tougher decision.

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Ohio Psyched To Test Out New Forced Birth Law On 11-Year-Old Rape Victim

And Georgia's new ban is literally insane too!

As of yesterday, six states—Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa, North Dakota, and now Georgia—have banned abortion. We could say they've passed "Heartbeat Bills," but that's just a cutesy term for what they actually are. These bills ban abortion before most people even know they're pregnant, and therefore they are abortion bans.

And they are already claiming victims.

Last week, police in Ohio arrested 26-year-old Juan Leon-Gomez after they found the 11-year-old girl he'd raped hiding in a closet at his residence. He's being held on a bond of one million dollars and he's also being charged with "obstructing official business and contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child."

That may be putting things a little lightly, because the 11-year-old girl he raped is pregnant.

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TN Speaker's Racist Sexist COS Now Unemployed POS

His boss needs to join him.

Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada's chief of staff Cade Cothren resigned Monday night, and it wasn't just because he'd allegedly tried to frame a black student activist. It turns out Cothren has a repulsive history of sending racist and sexist text messages. He's also made gross advances toward former interns, lobbyists, and campaign staffers. He's a full deck of House of Cards.

The text messages are from 2014 to 2016. Cothren was the House Republicans' press secretary at the time, so in theory he should've known a better way to communicate with people. Cothren also seems to think three to five years ago is the distant past.

COTHREN: I'm just not the same guy that I was several years back. I was young and dumb and immature. There's no excuse for it at all, and I'm not trying to make excuses, but I can tell you that I have changed since then... While I'm not proud of who I was in the past, I am proud that, with God's grace and a strong support system, I've been able to achieve so much in the years since.

We normally believe that "existence precedes essence" but Cothren's actual existence is putrid and slimy. Texts show that Cothren requested oral sex and nude photos from interns like he was using a pervert's GrubHub. He told a lobbyist that he'd be up for sleeping with an older woman (charming). He also asked an intern about her underwear and orgasms. He could've just called a phone sex line, but he probably enjoyed exerting his dominance over women in the workplace. He's an asshole is all we're saying.

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Stephen Moore Will Never Back Down, Never Surr-- Oh, Never Mind.


Never get high on your own supply side economics! Just this morning, crackpot conservative Stephen Moore told Bloomberg, "My biggest ally is the president. ... He's full speed ahead." With Commander Magic Votes by his side, how could he lose that vote for a spot on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors? Sure Joni Ernst was "not enthused," and Lisa Murkowski had "reservations," and Richard Shelby said he was "in trouble," and John Thune said his nomination would be "a heavy lift," and Shelley Moore Capito said it was "hard to look past" the one thousand racist and sexist things Moore said when he was just a wee charlatan making his way in the world.

Never mind all that, because Moore anticipated getting some Democratic support and even had a secret plot to charm that Iowa sourpuss Joni Ernst.

Just because she's 'no' today doesn't mean she's 'no' three months from now. The world is going to be very different two months from now.

But then Moore went on to criticize Trump's -- admittedly idiotic -- plan to dump jet fuel into America's already robust economy by slashing interest rates and issuing government bonds, as Obama did when he was trying to resuscitate America after the Bush recession. But Trump inherited a good economy, and you don't need a PhD in economics to work out that opening the lending spigot and making money FREE is likely to cause a bubble. Which is a lucky thing since Moore doesn't have a PhD in economics, unlike every other member of the Fed Board.

Sadly, Moore seems to have forgotten the first rule of Trump Club: Never talk mean about Trump Club. And now he's been quitfired from his zombie nomination -- never dead, in fact never even born, since Trump didn't bother to officially nominate him -- and reportedly won't get back his old plum job at CNN either. It's all terribly sad, really, or the opposite of that. (The opposite of that.)

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Class War

Happy May Day! Let's Talk About Some Awesome Ladies Of The Labor Movement!

There is no economic justice without social justice, and vice versa.

When we talk about the history of feminism, we tend to think about the causes and struggles of middle class white women. When we talk about labor history, we tend to think about the causes and struggles of white working class men.

And that is some absolute bullshit.

Working class women, very often women of color and immigrant women, were, are and always have been the backbone of the labor movement. They were working and organizing well before Second Wave Feminism "made it possible" for women to enter the workforce. They're the ones who first fought for equal pay, and they're the ones who were doing the bulk of feminist work and activism during the years in between getting the right to vote and The Feminine Mystique. They are still fighting today.

So, since it's May Day, AKA International Worker's Day, let's celebrate the hell out of them, starting with the woman who started it all.

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GOP Suddenly 'Not Enthused' By Garbage Racist Sexist Trump Fed Pick Stephen Moore

What an asshole.

Stephen Moore is Donald Trump's other terrible, no-good choice for the Federal Reserve. He has the distinct advantage of not being Herman Cain. However, he also has the drawback of being Stephen Moore. You can't win everything. Moore is an unimpressive right-wing hack who advised Trump's presidential campaign. He might've still skated through Senate confirmation, but Moore's past writings for the National Review revealed some Cro-Magnon theories on women. Someone should really introduce Google to whoever vets candidates for Trump appointments.

Moore has gone on a minor apology tour and explained that most of the crap he wrote was almost 20 years ago, well before scientists discovered women were possibly people. On Sunday's "This Week," Moore suggested a "sleaze campaign" was trying to derail his appointment by reminding people who he is. But he's confident of his chances if everyone focuses instead on his actual economic genius.

MOORE: If [my confirmation] comes down to things I wrote 18 years ago that were impolitic, that I've apologized for, that were, you know, insulting, then I'm in trouble... If it comes to economic ideas, then I'll be fine.

Unfortunately, his economic ideas are also full of sexist shit. In a 2014 National Review piece, Moore claimed the real gender pay gap we should worry about was women somehow earning more than men, because that would prove "disruptive to family stability." That's only true if men's egos are so fragile they resent their wives knocking out the mortgage payments for them. He sounds like a common Tucker Carlson.

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Can A Man Beat Trump? Some Democrats Wonder If It's Worth The Risk!

We found people willing to say this, so it must be true.

Democratic voters say that more than anything, they want to beat President Donald Trump in 2020. But some worry that means putting their hope of electing yet another male president on hold.

"The last white male Democrat to get >50% of the vote was JIMMY CARTER. Imo we just can't chance it with another white man," said noted Twitter user Abby Spice-Danvers.

"Considering that every single *losing* presidential candidate has been a white man except for one (the lady who got more votes than any white guy ever) I don't understand how 'electability' is a white man's game," said publicity specialist Leslie Hermelin, "If the data tells us anything it's that for every white man who wins, there are scores of others who lose."

"Also," she added, "the last time Democrats elected a white man as president it was the mid '90s. We have folks voting for president today that weren't even born then!"

And she is not alone in her thinking. In conversations with dozens of Democratic primary voters — men and women — across several states, voters told Wonkette that Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote in 2016 made them rethink how willing Americans are to vote for a man for president, especially when pitted against Trump. For some, the risk of four more years of a Trump presidency is not worth another attempt to put another white guy in office.

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Pack It In Ladies, This Incredible Douche Has Determined That Feminism Has FAILED

Oh, darn it all to hell.

After many years spent tracking the worst men of the internet, I am pleased and practically astounded to report that I have found the world's biggest douchebag. Sure, there are others that are more evil, more violent, and perhaps even those who are more misogynistic. But there is an undeniable special something about creepy misogny coming out of the mouth of an American Psycho wannabe looking dude who is going around pretending he is way more famous than he is that just elevates the pure douchieness of it all. It is almost magical.

There I was, innocently scrolling through my Feedly, when what did mine eyes see but a headline reading...

Feminism has Failed; Virtually Every Aspect of the Feminist Movement has Backfired, Says Noted Author Stefan Aarnio

Oh, my.

It was not a real article, mind you. It was on PRWeb, a site where they just publish press releases -- this one being an interview with the "Noted Author" himself (as you all surely know, "Noted Author" is a thing "Noted Authors" are always calling themselves). According to a Medium article I found in which he talks about poverty like a douchebag, Aarnio is a "Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author, Real Estate Coach, Real Estate Developer, Public Speaker, App Developer and Artist."

And yes, I checked, and I have twice the amount of Twitter followers as he has.

Not gonna lie, this is my faaaaaavorite kind of internet douchebag. The only thing that would make this more delicious would be if he were also selling Orgone and/or had several music videos in which he raps. We all have our things.

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Right Wing Extremism

Hey Now, Check Out Kansas Being All Not Terrible About Reproductive Rights!

It's almost like they're not in Kansas anymore... BUT THEY ARE.

Lo these past few weeks, there have been so many bad abortion bills in so many states that just yesterday I told the Editrix that I am running out of things to even say about them. It's been like some terrible version of Groundhog's Day where instead of getting to hang out with a groundhog--which I believe would be awesome--I just keep having to keep writing the same article about women and others losing their reproductive rights across the country, over and over and over again. It really does suck. Not as much as these bills suck, obviously, but it sucks.

But, if I may quote the intro to one of my favorite jazz standards, "every cloud must have a silver lining," and this week has blessed us with some very happy news coming from a very unexpected place -- Kansas.

Yes, Kansas! On Friday, the state's Supreme Court ruled that their state constitution protects the right to abortion, ensuring that it will remain legal in the state even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe. Hot damn!

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Indiana Bans Safest Second-Term Abortion Method, Because They Just Really Love Life


Oh, Indiana. The state what wrought Vice President Mike Pence and also this guy I met one time who told me I was the first "ethnic white" he'd ever met. It sure is a place! And it is a place that is going to be a very unsafe place to get a second-trimester abortion very soon.

On Wednesday evening, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed two really bad anti-abortion measures into law, both of which will go into effect on July 1. The first, House Enrolled Act 1211, bans dilation and extraction abortions -- the safest abortion method for abortions after 13 weeks, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Wow! That sure seems like a counterintuitive thing for people who claim to love life so much to do! I would think they would think the safest method would be best! you might say, if you are but a naïve babe in the woods. But you would be very, very wrong. Because the pregnant person's life is not what matters here.

Why are they banning this method? Because, like pretty much all surgical procedures, it is easy to make it sound really gross:

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2020 presidential election

Anita Hill Rejects Joe Biden’s Cubic Zirconia, Designer Imposter Knock-Off ‘Apology’

She should've let the machine pick up.

Joe Biden finally apologized to Anita Hill! Hooray! Mind you, Old Joe didn't show up at her door, like the long-running Hill family joke, and come to think of it, he didn't actually apologize.

"They had a private discussion where he shared with her directly his regret for what she endured and his admiration for everything she has done to change the culture around sexual harassment in this country," said the deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield.

Now that's some banal, disassociated corporate speak. Was he downsizing Hill? If she has any questions about her severance should she follow up with Human Resources? Biden doesn't really acknowledge that they've met. This is what you'd say to Hill if you bumped into her at the airport.

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Hero Judge Blocks Trump's Terrible Abortion Gag Rule... For Now.

It was previously set to go into effect May 3.

Back in February, the Trump administration announced that it would be making the global gag rule on abortion truly global by implementing it right here in the United States. The new rule will bar family planning centers that refer patients to abortion providers from receiving Title X funding. The $286 million will instead be given to "faith-based" groups like Obria that, uh, pretty much just provide pregnancy tests for people who apparently don't know you can get pregnancy tests at the dollar store, and tell people about the rhythm method and adoption, for people who are somehow unaware that those things exist as well.

It's bad. It's ... it's really, really bad. And it's set to go into effect on May 3.

But (PHEW) we may be granted a reprieve. Late on Tuesday night, after hearing arguments from Planned Parenthood, the American Medical Association, and a coalition representing 20 US states and the District of Columbia, US District Judge Michael J. McShane, an Obama appointee, announced that he would grant a preliminary injunction against the new rule. The judge also granted a preliminary injunction against another stupid new rule that would prohibit Title X family planning centers from being housed in the same place as abortion providers. He says he will issue a formal opinion soon.

Via The Oregonian:

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