'Fess Up, Tubemeister!

The Tubemeister - WonketteThe "secret hold" scandal is all but solved, and Sen. Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens had best come clean.

Here's the exciting background: There's a bipartisan Senate bill that would actually do something good for a change. S. 2590 would create a Google-style public database that would show who gets government money through contracts and grants. But a single anonymous senator has blocked the bill.

Today, RedState.com declares the hunt for the Pork Protector to be all but over.

I called every senator's office, except five -- those five are co-sponsors of the legislation. I've been told that the hold was placed by a Republican. Of all the senators I called, only one would not give me a definitive "no." Senator Stevens's office said he does not comment on holds and, in any event, they did not know if he had a hold. They also told me they had gotten "lots" of calls. That last bit is interesting because a friend also called the office the day before I called -- he called in the afternoon and I called the next morning. He was told the office had gotten no calls on the legislation and the office was not aware of the legislation. That does not add up.
Good enough for a conviction!

Scores of Wonkette readers have called their senators, too, which is probably the first time Wonkette operatives have made non-prank calls to politicians.

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