Fidel Castro Bought 'Em Off the Ave With the Tags Still In 'Em

castromets.jpgFidel Castro, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, commander-in-chief of the heroic Revolutionary Armed Forces, King of Rock

The Cuban Young Communists released four photos of Fidel Castro this weekend to prove that the President of Cuba is not only still alive, but also still the best-dressed man in Latin America. Fidel -- rockin' it old school, as is his wont -- holds up a newspaper, still excited about making the cover of state-run media years after the thrill may have worn off for other revolutionaries-turned-despots.

More of The Button Down Mind of Fidel Castro, after the jump.

castroneardeath1.jpgJanet Wood, Chrissy Snow to be digitally inserted later.

castroneardeath2.jpgChecking his voicemail -- Hugo always leaves such long messages.

castroneardeath3.jpg"Uh huh. And some gold medallions, yes."


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