Fighting for Our Rights in Alabama

I might feel weird about it, but, stillJohn W. Rogers has served for 25 years in the Alabama House of Representatives and he wants to help "[bring] the state into the 20th century" by helping Alabamans of diverse backgrounds , um, come together (or separately, depending on their interests). He's introduced for the second time a bill to eliminate the ban on the sale of sex toys in the state. That ban recently survived a first amendment challenge at the U.S. Supreme Court and the death of a Baptist preacher in Cocktober which showed the state that banning their sale prevents no one - including preachers - from shoving dildoes up their butts while hogtied and wearing two wetsuits.

I got the image off the web. I ain't taking pictures of my personal one for your benefitThe 67 year-old father of three (including 2 daughters) introduced similar legislation once before only to see it be defeated by opposition from people like Dan Ireland, the executive director of the Alabama Citizens' Action Program who said the purpose of the sex toys ban is "to protect the public against themselves."

He is also fighting the Attorney General, Troy "Great Porn Name" King who wants the legislature to resolve any ambiguity in the law as it's currently written by defining better exactly what sex toys are. Troy's pissed that a circuit court recently rebuffed Hoover, Alabama's attempts to shut down a, uh, burgeoning sex toy business, claiming the law is too vague.

Rogers does, however have the tepid non-support of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, who said "It seems we have better things to deal with than that" and the full support of Loretta Nall, the 2006 Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, who began a "Sex Toys for Troy King" drive on her blog. Troy King's address, if you were interested in where you could send new or even (clean) recycled sex toys is: State of Alabama Attorney General's Office, 11 South Union Street, Third Floor, Montgomery, AL 36130. Just, you know, as an FYI.

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