Figures: Stupidest Man On Internet Disgusted That Obama Would Abandon Bergdahl, Rescue Bergdahl

Figures: Stupidest Man On Internet Disgusted That Obama Would Abandon Bergdahl, Rescue Bergdahl

Hats off to Josh Marshall (and his tipster, "TT") atTalking Points Memo for this one: Back in October, Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft was shocked and horrified at the prospect that Barack Obama might abandon POW Bowe Bergdahl at the end of the Afghanistan War. And now that Bergdahl has been brought home, Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft is shocked and horrified to learn that Bergdahl was promoted while he was in captivity -- or while he was definitely teaching the Taliban how to make bombs.

And Hoft's flying ragemonkeys are fairly predictable, too:

In September 2013:

  • The dictator has changed the military motto from 'no man left behind' to 'anyone we don't want to be bothered with left behind.' Good job---
  • Of course he is going to leave him, Obamanation has shown that he has no care at all for the military.
  • The fact I can't say what I think is proof of where we are today. We have a muslim dictator. Is there EVER going to be a time we even ATTEMPT to water the tree of liberty?

In June 2014:

  • OK, give him the promotion, then promptly hang him, and his parents.
  • The person assuming the position of POTUS is, in fact, the enemy.
  • You guys have this all wrong. The 5 prisoner swap was a reward for holding Sargent Abdullah for five years. They would have gone for 6, but were advised the midterm elections might "reduce Barry's flexibility" to cut the deal later. It was the best deal they could get. You have to feel for the Taliban; they had no choice but to deal now.

Our favorite Hoft commenter has to be "Patty," who wrote in October 2013:

He left the FOUR IN BENGAZI to die, so what is one more human life to Obama?

And then today, "Patty" writes about Bergdahl (on another post):

He doesn't look sick. He looks like he belongs there. He is a traitor to his Country and America and our military sit in amazement and those who died because of Bergdahl deserve medals for saving their unites [sic] life.

Patty also calls Bergdahl a "maggot." She (?) seems nice.

Finally, you should know that JIM HOFT IS NO HYPOCRITE: He explains quite clearly that there is absolutely no contradiction between what he was saying in September and what he's been saying since Bergdahl was returned:

Umm, Josh, I never proposed swapping Bergdahl for FIVE TOP TALIBAN KILLERS!

Not once. No logical thinker would support such a lopsided and dangerous trade.

You need to use better arguments in your next hit piece.

Good luck.

Top killers who should never have been released, eh? Former State Department legal advisor (under G.W. Bush) John B. Bellinger says that while they definitely were not nice guys, they also were likely to be released fairly soon anyway, because international law works that way:

I do not agree, as some Republicans are already arguing, that these individuals should not have been released. In my view, the U.S. would not be able to hold them forever. Indeed, it is likely that the U.S. would be required, as a matter of international law, to release them shortly after the end of 2014, when U.S. combat operations cease in Afghanistan. The Administration appears to have reached a defensible, hold-your-nose compromise by arranging, in exchange for the release of Sergeant Bergdahl, for the individuals to be held in Qatar for a year before they return to Afghanistan.

But what does a radical leftist liberal communist from the Bush Administration know?

To sum up, the real idiot here is anyone who thinks that there's any logical contradiction between condemning Barack Obama for leaving Bowe Bergdahl to rot and condemning Barack Obama for bringing Bowe Bergdahl home, because prisoners who'd have been released anyway were released, and that's TERRIBLE.

[Gateway Pundit and Gateway Pundit via TPM / Lawfare]

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