Fillibuster My Ass

As we've said before: You'd think, what with all of Washington talking about it and the religious right so upset about it, that "fillibuster" would be more closely related to what the Washingtonienne might do at night and not what Bill Frist gets sweaty just thinking about. Wait... does this mean they're "rolling in cots" after all?

Anyhow, so far the most exciting thing we've heard about the double-fisted talkathon is that Chuck Schumer won't be doing all of it. (He did volunteer.) Word is that there are no cots, no phone books, no wheezy Southerners getting confused about what decade it is. In other words, no fun. We know a lot of you are stuck on the Hill today, what do you hear?

Senate Showdown on Judges and Filibusters Begins to Unfold [NYT]


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