Filling the Butterstick Quota

After watching the Stick melt even the hardened, cold hearts of Washington DC I decided it was best to take a break from the Panda Cam for my own good. Others would strongly disagree. But I know the signs of addiction, like this missive sent in from a desperate reader:

I somehow managed to convince my department that our annual winter party should have a panda theme this year. And, to my surprise, they loved the idea. But I'm running out of ideas. I already plan on all black and white decorations, b&w balloons, panda-shaped cookies, inflatable pandas, maybe even a panda ice sculpture! However, the market for panda-related party items seems to be on the small side. Is it possible to ask all my fellow Stick lovers out there if they have any ideas? I would be forever grateful!


How about a Butterstick pi


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