Final Sexy CPAC Pictures!


Good to see the Russian chapter of NAMBLA made it out for the big GOP conference.

Ronald Reagan personally designed all of these wingnut bumper stickers on his Apple II, in Heaven.

Celebrating homosexual culture *and* the nuking of whatever race we hated back then.


Sorry I didn't get more stuff. Was busy actually writing, drinking overpriced beer ($7 for a pint? Fuck You DC), bothering Paultards, searching for knickknacks, searching out people from Massachusetts, arguing soccer, and networking.

CPAC was bigger this year but I think the venue wasn't as good as the Omni.

Higher number of dudes in colonial garb than previous years.

Didn't really pick up any social-con vibe other than when they booed that guy off the stage and when Rick Santorum spoke.

No Joe the Plumber made my heart cry inside.

Giant posters of Palin or Coulter were available for young conservative dorm rooms everywhere.

I'll put something together for you later more thorough. The video of the CPAC aftermath is worth it. A great farewell to CPAC.

Thanks again to GARRETT3000 for all these great pictures and reports.


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